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The Collection

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Urban Luxe’ is a premium collection designed to subtly incorporate nature into a stylish metropolitan world. We have sourced sustainable natural substrates of the highest quality to give this range an organic and high-end feel. Textures from wood to slate in clean finishes help to give these items a pure and premium look. In ensuring that the natural element remains the star of the show, this new range delivers a way of instilling a tactile and elegant approach to interior design.




This fun, new range from ‘London Clock 1922’ offers bags full of colour and contemporary designs that look as if they’ve been plucked straight out of London’s Tate Modern. Inspired by aspects of modern architecture, we have taken sleek shapes to present a series of contemporary yet affordable products. Bringing together minimalist designs with zests of vivid colour, ‘London Pop’ has become a fun and vibrant story; offering a playful way of bringing brightness into the modern home.




Britain, like the London Clock Co., is renowned for its strong sense of tradition and proud history. Naturally heritage makes up an important part of both our national identity and our company culture. Many castles and stately homes continue to dominate the British landscape and their interior décor is still coveted by visitors from far and wide. Drawing inspiration from such architectural icons, and by adding a slight modern twist, we have produced this collection of timeless classics, allowing our customers to possess their very own piece of British heritage.




Station clocks have been keeping passengers on time for their train journeys throughout the UK ever since the creation of ‘Railway Time’ in London in 1840.

More than just functional, they have been incorporated into beautiful architecture which can still be found around Britain today. Here at the London Clock Co., we strive to maintain tradition and now offer a comprehensive range using this iconic timepiece as inspiration.

This collection will keep you on time for important journeys as well as becoming a traditional and stylish feature for your home.




Take yourself back to 1960’s Britain, when Mary Quant was crafting unique styles to remember.

Imagine the assault on your senses, encouraged by all the vibrant colours and care-free feel to life. No wonder there are few periods in modern British history that still hold as much influence on fashion today. When creating this range, the London Clock Co. used its knowledge of trends currently experiencing a revival. Taking elements from the ‘Swinging 60’s’, our team have created clocks dedicated to some of recent history’s great eras and their returning trends.




The Oslo collection is inspired by the Scandinavian Design Movement from the 1950s, characterised by modernism, simplicity and functionality.

The range is pared-back, honest and produced to the highest standards of quality and craftsmanship. Crisp, matte white finishes mixed with solid wood bring warmth and tactility which further enhances the Scandi aesthetic.




The Titanium collection aesthetic takes inspiration from contemporary automotive design, showcasing simplistic, head-turning style.

Powerful in its appearance, the range encompasses thoughtful details and crisp, graphic dials. Robust metals in a mixture of brushed and polished finishes adds luxurious dimension. The perfect fusion of form and functionality, the Titanium collection brings sleek, modern styling to the home.